The SpecPrint Real Estate Directory Service is the easiest way to transform the county assessor's office into book form and place it in your own hands.  The Directory Service includes assessment maps and real property information--gleamed directly from the assessor's rolls.  We have gone to the assessor's office so you don't have to!

The Tax Maps are normally published at 50%, combining the ease of half-scale and the benefits of portability.  Then SpecPrint binds the maps in hard vinyl covers to protect the volumes from the wear and tear of taking the assessment office on the road.   And at regular intervals the maps are updated and republished to ensure you get only the latest information.

The real property data details owner names and addresses along with lot sizes, sale dates and more -- taken directly from the assessor's own information.   Everything is bound just like the maps, in hard-cover vinyl, and sorted via map number to provide the easiest reference.  Additional indexes by owner name and street name are included in the directory, to help you locate a record in whatever way is most convenient.

From every angle there is no better and easier way to put the assessor's office in your own hands.

About SpecPrint:
For over 20 years SpecPrint has been a premier supplier of goods and services to the Real Estate industry.  Located in Timonium Maryland, is a complete source of information regarding property ownership, location and assessed value of property.