Leasing Information




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Thank you for your business. SpecPrint Directories are published for areas in a number of different states. Since we do not require a signed contract, we would like to have you take a moment to review the way the SpecPrint system works.

SpecPrint directories are leased on a yearly basis (not sold), and are usually republished each year. You may begin leasing a directory on any day of the year. You will be paying for twelve months from the day you begin. The directory supplied will be the most recent directory printed for that area - the one currently used by other customers. Typically, a new directory will be published during your 12-month lease, and your new copy will be delivered at no additional charge. At that time the old copy will be picked up. You will be re invoiced each year on the anniversary date of your first lease.

If you should ever wish to discontinue SpecPrint service when you receive a new invoice, please return the invoice (or phone us) -- we will cancel your account and arrange for pick-up of the directory (which remains the property of SpecPrint at all times).

If you prefer to have your directory and invoice come at the same time, please let us know and we will arrange to pro-rate your billing schedule to coincide with our publishing schedule. Or, if you use more than one directory and would like to have all invoicing done at one time, please let us know.

If you have any questions at all on the above, please call. Again, we appreciate your business.